Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Design Deliberations: Laura Ashley Dorothy Cushion

When Judy and I were teenagers, we bought (or rather our parents bought for us) Laura Ashley dresses. At the time, I thought they were so cool because they represented a part of the English way of life for us. I guess I supposed that every woman in England glided around in long pastel floral, or pink pinstriped, Laura Ashley dresses with white lace collars. My, how naive and unobservant I was. It's also pretty funny because those dresses were not me at all, and looking back, I looked pretty awful in them. I remember feeling uncomfortable and awkward in them too. Live and learn.

I was a late bloomer in regards to personal style, and now in my mid-thirties, I think I may have stumbled upon it finally. So I can, with zen like wisdom, state that I appreciate the appeal of many types of fashion garments, style accessories, and home furnishings while at the same time, vow never to wear said garment or place said decoration in my home - and mean it!

Lo and behold, Laura Ashley makes more than just dresses now, and have been for quite awhile. They have quite a line of home furnishings including this darling little cushion I happened across (its picture is above). It is categorized as a novelty cushion, and although I haven't a clue how they came up with the name, it is a whimsical piece with a handcrafted charm (although I am almost positive these cushions are not handcrafted). The little tea cups in various fabric patterns remind me of a quilt, wherein lies it's real appeal. Perfect for tea aficionados, quilters, or cottage decorators - it's a find that I would gladly welcome onto my sofa. How about you?

Here is another charming Laura Ashley novelty cushion.

This is something called a Scotty Dog Draught Excluder, perhaps to place under outer doors to prevent cold drafts from seeping in. So I deduce that draught is the English way of saying draft, or that draft is the American way of saying draught.

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