Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best-Selling Above Suspicion Heading to the Small Screen

Lynda La Plante, creator of the gritty and emotionally raw crime drama Prime Suspect starring the brilliant Helen Mirren, is anticipating the adaptation of her best-selling novel Above Suspicion for the small screen.

The main character in Above Suspicion is a young female Detective Constable named Anna Travis, played by Kelly Reilly. This well-touted but more obscure actress is certainly a talent to watch - she was the youngest actress to be nominated for Best Actress at the prestigious Olivier Awards, at the age of 26, for her performance in After Miss Julie. If Reilly's name isn't so familiar, try Ciaran Hinds. This prolific Irish actor has been seen in many a film and television series, as well as on stage, and even if you can't picture his face [like me], you probably recognize his name. In Above Suspicion, Hinds portrays DC Anna Travis' boss Detective Chief Inspector Langton.

You can read what La Plante has to say about her literary baby's new cast here. Above Suspicion is said to be currently filming in London [in July], or perhaps they just wrapped up, and is scheduled to be aired on ITV sometime in 2008. I am sure it will be sometime in the fall or early winter, rather than August or September but who knows? If it is televised during the cooler months, it would be the perfect time to snuggle up to a new British mystery! Keep scanning your tv guides for the precise air date.

For those of us who unfortunately can't access ITV, we will have to wait until the show reaches us somehow, someway. In the meantime, we can all have a gander at the book, which is hopefully already on a bookshelf near us.

[Photo of the book jacket from Above Suspicion is from Fantastic Fiction, the photo of Kelly Reilly is from The Telegraph and the photo of Ciaran Hinds is from Men's Vogue]

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