Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yearning For A Full English Breakfast...And What About Second Breakfast?

One of the trillion bright spots in my sister's and my London trip a decade ago was the full English breakfasts we were lucky enough to devour each and every morning. If I could start off the day like that here in my everyday life, I would greet the morn much earlier than usual.

What does a full English breakfast consist of, you might ask? Well I certainly don't mind delving into that question [salivating]. I think the backbone of a really good, hearty English breakfast, or fry-up as it's also called, is bacon, sausages and eggs. We ate our eggs fried. Fried bread - yum! - provides the carbs in this meal while fried tomatoes gives a sparkle of color on the plate, as well as a robust something something to round out the meal.

I also read about fried mushrooms, this is a fry-up after all, being added to the mix but thankfully, this was never served to us. I don't like mushrooms much, and while I am getting a little bit better about it, back in those days, they would have put a slight damper on my breakfast I'm afraid. Our breakfasts really didn't need anything else added, for not only did we get many items to eat, but the servings were extremely generous, to put it mildly. And I certainly do appreciate that. Thank you, Victoria Inn! I'm not sure whether this lovely bed and breakfast still offers a complimentary full English breakfast or not, but I am so happy that they did way back when.

I came across some sweet postings about full English breakfasts, and I can imagine why so many people love to talk about it. It makes tummies feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. People are comforted just looking at the tasty assemblage of foodstuffs in front of them, in the morning no less, and melt in the presence of the aromas and tastes. Julia at A Slice of Cherry Pie gives great info and commentary on this traditional cozy feast, and Kimberly at Music and Cats does the same. These posts make for fun reading with some pretty hunger-inspiring pictures thrown in for good measure.

It may not be the best time of year to whip up a fry-up, what with the temperature outside creeping past the 100 degree mark every now and again. But as the weather grows colder and we yearn for warmth everywhere around us, I have a feeling that I will be hauling out the heavy ole frying pan on quite a few occasions, maybe even for second breakfasts.

[Photo of a full English breakfast is from BBC Good Food]


Julia said...

Hi, great post! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the English breakfasts you had here, and that you liked my post - thanks very much for mentioning it.

Geri said...

Thank you for reading my post and commenting! Your blog is divine and I need to add it to my links section! In fact I'm going to do so right now...