Friday, September 5, 2008

Dainty Morsels

Cucumber sandwiches. Watercress. Egg. These are what I think of as typical tea sandwiches, those that arrive at your table cut up into small shapes with the crusts cut off of the bread. They aren't meant to be big hearty sandwiches, but rather delicate nibbles full of subtle flavors. I suppose they are also chosen to compliment whatever tea you're serving. So they shouldn't be too overwhelming.

I've eaten cucumber sandwiches before, and have made them at home at least once or twice. I've definitely had my fair share of egg sandwiches, and made a few about two weeks ago? I love them, probably because I love egg so much. Figures, heh? But watercress has eluded me thusfar, and although I may have tasted watercress in salads or some other dish, I've yet to discover the joys of eating a watercress sandwich. Just what goes into a watercress sandwich? Let's find out.

There are quite a number of recipes on the Internet for a watercress sandwich and cream cheese, parsley, chives and butter seem to be necessary ingredients. And of course the watercress. And white bread.

What other kinds of dainty sandwiches can arrive with tea at a tea shop? And can you make them yourself at home? Let's see....

During my search, I came across the site The Paupered Chef and this great post on cucumber sandwiches. Comes with nice photos for illustrative purposes too. I also came across the Joy of Baking site, which mentions tea sandwiches briefly but concentrates more on cakes, cookies and scones. But the pictures and other information on this page were just too delectable to pass over.

The site What's Cooking America provides a bevy of tea sandwich recipes including James Beard's Onion Sandwiches. Links to recipes for heartier, more substantial sandwiches are included on the same page. Quite a lengthy list of afternoon tea sandwich recipes can also be found here. And I couldn't pass up this eggs and watercress sandwich recipe on the blog Pink Bites. Her photos are divine and the recipes look scrumptious too.

With so many enticing websites and recipes to peruse, I'll stop here and sign off. The weather is still hot where I am and so these light sandwiches are still appealing to me. As the weather gets colder, I'll be craving heartier fare. But in the meantime, I aim to try and create some new tea sandwiches to go along with the tea I'm taking every afternoon. Tea is so comforting, and these sandwiches sound heavenly. It's a match!

[Photo of tea sandwiches is from Biggest Menu]

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