Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who's That Girl?

Last night I finished watching the last two episodes of my Lovejoy DVD. There was an actress in the last episode, entitled The March of Time, that looked so familiar but I just couldn't remember her name. This morning, before I began to google that episode to find the cast list, the name popped into my head. Lysette Anthony.

I had seen her alot on television mostly during the 1980s, for example in Ivanhoe with Anthony Andrews [red hot from his brilliance in Brideshead Revisited a year before], Sam Neill, Olivia Hussey, Julian Glover, and John Rhys-Gavies...Gimli! I had no idea all of these other fine actors were in Ivanhoe. By the by, I'm not pulling all of this info from my rusty memory banks, I need lots of help from IMDB.

I also remember seeing Lysette in Princess Daisy in 1983. My older sister had the book. And guess who was in this one - Rupert Everett! She was also in the movie Krull with Francesca Annis and Liam Neeson. I'm not sure if I ever saw that movie although I wouldn't be averse to seeing it now. It may have appeared to be too scary for me to watch then.

[More recent photo of Lysette Anthony is from Lysette Anthony, photo of Lysette Anthony in Ivanhoe is from geocities, and photo of Rupert Everett is from Who's Dated Who]

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