Monday, October 20, 2008


Last night I watched Doctor Who's The Invasion, disc one. This was one of Patrick Troughton's serials featuring Zoe and Jamie as companions. The disc featured two animated episodes, which replaced the 'lost episodes', and what a hoot they were to see! The animation was pretty cool, in black and white just like the film used in the 'real-life' episodes. The animated episodes contained the original dialogue voiced by the original actors, thanks to fans of the show who had recorded the soundtracks at home.

Here are a few random thoughts about The Invasion...

I have to say that Patrick Troughton's Doctor has to be one of the most adorable and charming characters on television, but also one of the most annoying! His propensity for getting captured is one of those infuriating traits.

Loved the mod-sixties clothes and hairstyle worn by Sally Faulkner, who portrayed Isobel Watkins, and to a lesser extent Wendy Padbury, who played companion Zoe.

We are introduced to Sergeant Benton, who I have always been fond of, and re-introduced to now Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart of UNIT. I always enjoy the UNIT stories, and something about Lethbridge-Stewart, or the actor who portrays him, is calming. Even when he acts like a stubborn idiot! An interesting tidbit is that Nicholas Courtney's [the Brigadier] theatrical agent is Wendy Padbury. Since her career shift from acting, Padbury also represents Mark Strickson [Turlough] and Colin Baker [Doctor Number 6].

I thought I recognized the actor playing Professor Watkins as the same man who played another Professor, in Tom Baker's first serial as the Doctor - Robot. And I was right! Edward Burnham did portray Professor Kettlewell, who sported a fuller beard but smaller frame in Robot, but those eyes are instantly recognizable.

The man who played sadistic security bully Packer also looked familiar, but I couldn't place him anywhere. Looking at his credits on IMDB, it appears that I must have recognized the actor Peter Halliday from a few other Doctor Who appearances, namely in Carnival of Monsters with Jon Pertwee and City of Death with Tom Baker.

Can't wait to watch disc two.

[Photo of animated The Invasion is from iOffer, photo of Wendy Padbury is from, and photo of Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is from wikia]


deepshikha said...

hmmm.....good thoughts geri. just wanted to say loved the rustic looking basket of apples in last post.made me want to grab an apple too.;-)

Geri said...

Thanks! Aren't Caroline Zoob's things amazing? I bought some apples from Sprouts a few days ago, and had one this morning! :)