Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Feet

My feet are always cold these days. So naturally my thoughts drift towards slippers. Warm, cozy things to keep my toes nice and toasty.

Slippers are such a necessary part of comfort during the winter months, because few things invite illness faster than bare feet touching a cold, uncarpeted floor. Even when my feet walk on carpeted parts of the house, my ankles still feel the chill and they don't like it.

I'm already feeling not quite myself, due to the dip in temperature - and then the follow-up warming trend, followed closely by a cooling down of 20 or so degrees. This yo-yo-ing of temperature can't be any good to the body. So it's imperative that you keep your feet nicely covered up, and your throat well-lubricated with some warm tea, preferably with a bit of ginger, lemon, and honey swirled in.

These adorable red slippers from Cath Kidston immediately put me in a cozier mood, just looking at them. They are soft and woollen, with felt flowers adding a whimsically decorative touch - the vibrant redness of these slippers also seem very appropriate for the upcoming holiday season.

Because I have somewhat of a harsh disliking for socks [and will only wear them for exercise, i.e. biking], and my ankles always become uncomfortably cold along with my tootsies, my slippers need to cover up my ankles - always. So the slippers I own now do that job quite well. However...although they are charming, very much so, in their own way, they lack the idyllic romance that Cath Kidston's slippers possess.

But I sure do love them. When I'm not wearing them, in order to ensure their safety, they need to be kept somewhere out of reach from our playful 2 year old Chihuahua Ace. Right now they're kept on top of the humidifier. Ace goes cuckoo when I put these babies on, traipsing around as I do, doing a little dance now and again. He lunges at them, nips them, and bats them with his paws like a cat. I can just imagine what he would do to them if he got a hold of them, and I wasn't around. So without further ado, introducing my slippers...

Aren't they grand? Play ball...

[Photo of feet is from Clinical Correlations]

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