Thursday, October 9, 2008

Veg Out

I found this cool little article on house to home's website about growing your own vegetables in containers. It's part of their eco at home series.

It got me to thinking about planting veggies in my container pots again. After the columbines and coneflower, that I ordered from a nursery way up north, didn't quite flourish the way I wished [i.e.wilted, bloomed sporadically, or never bloomed at all], I thought of planting vegetables instead of flowers. Also I vowed to always buy locally when possible. That's pretty important in many ways.

In terms of container gardening, although I like the idea of planting things in the ground, I don't like the idea of our dogs 'doing their business' on top of them. I could partition the flowers and/or vegetables away from the dogs, but I think containers are easier. At least for now.

For container vegetable plantings, I was thinking of tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and peppers [like jalapenos and other chillies]. But I never considered carrots, potatoes and sweet corn! I didn't know root vegetables would do well growing in pots, but apparently they sure can. And that opens up a whole new world of possibilities that I'm excited about!

Posts about growing carrots in containers can be found at Vegetable Garden Guide and at My Tiny Plot.

Now what to plant...and when...

[Photo of vegetables growing in containers is from Oh My Aching Debts and photo of carrots in containers is from Vegetable Garden Guide]

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