Friday, November 7, 2008

Brrr, It'll Be Cold Outside

Although it's not quite scarf and hat weather here in North Texas, it is time to start dreaming of cold temperatures to come. And as you begin thinking about it, you need to look at some lovely pictures of cold-weather clothing to get you in the mood.

There is no better place for such inspiration than Cabbages & Roses, from which all of the photos below are derived:

I love this jacket. And I like how the plaid pattern of the jacket totally goes with the delicate floral print of the shirt, although it's not supposed to! The idea of patterns or colors clashing is old news. Be free, be whimsical.

Love the hat and the fingerless gloves that seem to be everywhere these days. So cozy and warm.

The trapeze dress, the oversized [so roomy] coat with that flair! My heavens above, this is me to a T.

Adorable little shirt/apron/pinafore/jumper? I don't know what to call it but it sure looks darling.


deepshikha said...

lovely thoughts dear Geri !!!

Geri said...

Thank you! It's very cold [relatively speaking] and rainy here, so it's nice to look at all of these warm and cozy clothes. Hope you're well!