Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Design on a Trillion Dimes

I was surfing Architectural Digest's website for some design inspiration, not for any particular project, but just to see some pretty pictures. As holiday season rears its pretty little head, things like home, decorating, and entertaining just seem more relevant.

You can't fail to notice all of the shop windows decorated merrily for the holidays, and sure enought, all of that 'window dressing' does put me in a more joyful mood. Then I begin to imagine that I live in, or close to, Manhatten where department store window displays are competitive works of art, design, and technology - of epic proportions. I don't know, but wouldn't it be grand to see them up close?

Anyway these pics I've rounded up aren't particularly Christmas-y or oozing with holiday cheer. They're just pretty, with pleasing architecture and are well-furnished/decorated. Definitely fodder for inspiration galore, if only I had a trillion dimes to spare. Or perhaps even a zillion-trillion-kabillion? That may be more like...

[Photos are all from Architectural Digest. Photo at top is by Andrew Tworte, middle photo is by Durston Saylor, and photo at bottom is by Andrew Twort]

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