Monday, November 3, 2008

H is for Hetty, H is for Hyacinth

On Saturday night, I watched Hetty Wainthropp Investigates with Patricia Routledge, one of my most favorite actors, and young Dominic Monaghan, pre-Lord of the Rings. I love this series to no end, not because of their idyllic English village/countryside scenery [because that's not really their style], but because of Ms. Routledge herself. She bears a comforting presence as Hetty, totally unlike her pretentious characterization of Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket.

It's funny how both Routledge's famous tv characters' names start with an H, and how her tv-husbands' names start with an R. But those are the only similarities you'll find between Hetty and Hyacinth. In fact, God help Hyacinth if she ever started fussing around with Hetty!

Hetty is a well-grounded woman with no airs about her. Even with her down-to-earth personality, she has a tendency to be intuitive, taking on cases that peak her curiousity or that strike a certain chord with her, perhaps those that tug at her heartstrings. Meanwhile, it's often her husband Robert who keeps his eye on the monetary attributes of a potential case, taking on cases from people he thinks can pay out big, judging from the style of stationary used to correspond with them, for example, as he does in the episode Poison Pen [much to his regret].

I like the fact that each mystery doesn't involve murder, for instance the episode Lost Chords was about revenge through nobbling. During these cold months upcoming, watching Hetty and her assistant young Geoffrey [and sometimes Robert her husband], arrive in strange villages, bundled up because of the blistering weather, and nosy about to help their clients is an excellent way to spend an evening. I highly suggest it.

In an aside, watch out for young Geoffrey, real name Dominic Monaghan, next year around May in the X-Men prequel X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Blackwing.

[Photo of Hetty and Geoffrey is from Michael Kleinschrodt at The Times-Picayune]

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