Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Making Another Connection

I really enjoyed the movie Gosford Park (2001). It had mystery, a lovely 1930s setting, and a formidable cast of characters. The talented cast reads like a Who's Who of acting royalty. They include Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon, before they guarded Hogwarts together, as well as Kristin Scott Thomas, Charles Dance, Bob Balaban, James Wilby, a younger Lawrence Fox, Stephen Fry, Clive Owen, Emily Watson, and Helen Mirren. Wow!

The screenwriter, and associate producer, of Gosford Park is Julian Fellowes. He won an Oscar for his work and followed that triumph up almost a decade later, although there were other successes along the way, with another upstairs/downstairs drama, a little show called Downton Abbey.

Julian Fellowes

The wildly popular Downton Abbey is Fellowes' creation and has made his name more recognizable here in the United States. While I recognized his name, I could not do the same with his face. But while I had seen Fellowes before, it wasn't in awards shows or tv interviews. It was on a charming television show called Monarch of the Glen.

Julian Fellowes played Angus, Lord Kilwillie, for several seasons. He was a comic character who was the best friend and nemesis of Hector MacDonald, played by the late Richard Briers. Monarch of the Glen began in 2000, so Fellowes was acting on the show while he was receiving accolades for his writing. If he can dance, he could definitely be considered a triple threat.

Fellowes with the cast of Monarch of the Glen


Anonymous said...

I say I enjoyed Julian Fellowes in Monarch of the Glen and forgot he was in Gosford Park as well!

Geri C said...

Yes he was quite the character! He and Richard Briers sure made a good team.